Friday, 4 October 2013

Stickereien: Screen printing – Best way to get your name out to thousands!

Handtücher besticken: Marketing your business in this economy is getting tougher every day.  Coming up with new, fresh ideas to publicize your business don’t seem possible.  An implausible idea or one that will cost your company lots of money doesn’t have to be your only option.  There are good ways to market your business through screen printing custom t-shirts and promotional products that in fact put quality in their finished products.  Screen printing has been around for a long time.  Because the technique gives long lasting, quality products that stretch your publicizing dollar much farther than the usual newspaper or magazine advertisement and gives people a tangible object they may use daily.  

Screen printing techniques can produce your own customized logo either by heat pressing or by pressing the logo directly on the promotional product of your choice through an inking process.  There is no company logo that is too hard for them to master.  Screen printing is not just for t shirts any more as one might think.  Screen printing can be used on a range of items such as pens, hats, cups, tags and much more.  Having your company name on your advertising product is an additional bonus to help get your business name out there.  

Whether you fascinate customers with special flyers on their cars or even attending trade shows, having advertising products that have been screen printed with your logo will surely take your business to the next level.  The money you expend on promo products for your business can double and even triple your company’s sales and enlarge your customer base.  People will use these promotional products in their everyday lives and it will be a constant reminder of the company’s name on their “freebie” that can change the way you do business. 

The impact of advertisements extends beyond the client receiving the product to everyone they work or spend time around who will see the shirts and probably use the pens or note pads. The reach of these promotional products can be so great and is frequently undervalued as a technique for growing your client base. Screen printing is a best way to get your name out to hundreds and even thousands of people.  Your reliable customer base is a great way to start.  Use screen printing for giveaways and special incentives for not only customers but as thank you gifts and to reward your staff.  It is a distinctive avenue for marketing your business affordably and effectively.

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